How to switch between tree, table, and JSON view in MongoChef

MongoChef makes it very easy to switch the way you view your documents in your collection.

In your collection view, you’ll notice in the right corner of the toolbar a combo box that shows your current view type. Here, you can choose between:

1. Tree View (keyboard short cut: Ctrl+Alt+1 or ⌥⌘1)

MongoChef Tree View

2. Table View (keyboard short cut: Ctrl+Alt+2 or ⌥⌘2)

MongoChef Table View

3. JSON View (keyboard short cut: Ctrl+Alt+3 or ⌥⌘3)

MongoChef JSON View

BTW: the JSON view (unlike the tree view and table view) is read-only. If you want to edit the JSON code of a document directly, right-click the document in your tree or table view and choose “Edit JSON…” from the context menu:

MongoChef Edit JSON