Limit the initial number of documents loaded when opening a collection view

By default, 3T MongoChef for MongoDB loads the first 50 documents of a collection (i.e. dbCursor.find({}).limit(50)) when first opening a collection view.  As MongoDB documents can be up to 16MB in size, this can amount to serious traffic in some circumstances. With version 1.7.2, we are now introducing a convenient way of limiting that initial […]

3T at NoSQL Matters Dublin 2014

Graham will be at NoSQL Matters Dublin 2014 @nosqlmatters. Come and say hello, and tell us about all the amazing things you’re doing with @MongoDB. I’ll doubtlessly mention our amazing 3T MongoChef, 3T Data Compare and Sync, and 3T Schema Explorer tools for @MongoDB. :-) See you there! @3TSoftwareLabs

New 3T Data Compare and Sync for MongoDB is out!

3T Data Compare and Sync for MongoDB 1.7.0 has been released. This release includes new filter queries which allow you to focus only on the results of a query over individual collections, giving you precise control over what is compared. In 3T Data Compare and Sync for MongoDB, you can select entire databases, specific collections, […]

3T Software Labs goes to the MongoDB World

Meet the founders and developers behind the MongoDB GUI tools from 3T Software Labs. We’re attending the MongoDB World conference in New York City (24-25 June 2014)! Talk to us about your experiences with our tools, tell us about your feature requests, find out what’s coming next. Drop us a line if you’d like to […]

How to diff MongoDB

There are a number of situations where being able to conveniently analyse the differences between two database installations is extremely handy. For example, you have a problem with your production system, but all you know about it is that the problem lies somewhere in the database, but WHERE in the database? It worked fine yesterday, […]

MongoDB GUI “3T MongoChef” Is Free For Personal, Non-Commercial Use

3T Software Labs is very happy to announce that we have just released our multi-platform MongoDB GUI tool, 3T MongoChef, as free for personal, non-commercial use. Highlights of the new release include: Drag-and-Drop MongoDB Query Generation Easily build even the most complex MongoDB queries. Just drag and drop the fields that should be part of […]