How to Have a Side-By-Side View of Multiple Tabs with MongoChef

This blog post is a visual walk through of how MongoChef has implemented one of your most requested features which is the ability to have side-by-side tabs. Very frequently, you probably encounter one of these use cases: You want to easily compare test and production data sets You simply want to look at and quickly compare […]

How to Do MongoDB Map-Reduce Queries Easily with 3T MongoChef

In this post, we will see how 3T MongoChef can make your life easy with writing, debugging and running Map-Reduce jobs using the amazing new Map-Reduce Screen. MongoDB’s Map-Reduce is the flexible cousin of the Aggregation pipeline. In general, it works by taking the data through two stages: a map stage that processes each document […]

How to prevent your connection from dropping with hosted MongoDB instances

If you are connected to a hosted instance of MongoDB, you may experience odd connection drops or timeouts that manifest themselves like this: After a relatively short period of inactivity, you try to run a query from within MongoChef, but you are presented with a server error message box. If you try again, the query […]

Connecting to your MongoDB at MongoLab

MongoLab is a MongoDB-as-a-Service provider featuring automated provisioning and scaling of MongoDB databases. As of July 2015 MongoLab supports the recent release of MongoDB 3.0. Version 3.0 of MongoDB offers several valuable improvements, including collection-level locking; a new, more secure user authentication mechanism (SCRAM-SHA-1); and the WiredTiger storage engine. Read more about what MongoLab has to say about this […]

How to Do MongoDB Aggregation Queries Easily with 3T MongoChef

In this post we’re going to take a look at how to do MongoDB aggregation queries easily with the amazing new Aggregation Screen in 3T MongoChef. Prefer to watch? See the accompanying MongoDB Aggregation video. For this tutorial, we’re going to build a query based on the freely available housing data from the City of […]

Running MongoChef on CentOS

When trying to run MongoChef on CentOS, you may experience the following issue: java: cairo-misc.c:380: _cairo_operator_bounded_by_source: Assertion `NOT_REACHED’ failed. ./ line 11: 28030 Aborted (core dumped) $DIR/../jre/bin/java -jar $DIR/../lib/data-man-mongodb-pro-*.jar This is a general issue for all SWT-based applications on CentOS and is related to the Cairo 2D graphics library on CentOS. The work-around is to […]