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How to update a field value in MongoDB with MongoChef

Updating the value of a particular field in a MongoDB document is incredibly simple with MongoChef. First, open your collection that contains the document to update, and then In your Tree View: 1. Select the field whose value you would like to update, and double-click its Value column. 2. This will bring up the in-cell […]

How to grant roles to multiple users at once in MongoDB with MongoChef

In MongoDB, users are defined for specific databases. Each user is then assigned a list of roles that in turn define the user’s privileges. Not surprisingly, MongoDB’s API therefore makes it easy to assign a user a list of roles via the grantRolesToUser method: db.grantRolesToUser( “<username>”, [ <roles> ], { <writeConcern> } ) However, MongoDB’s […]

Adding and Modifying MongoDB Indexes with MongoChef

MongoChef makes it very easy to add and even modify existing MongoDB indexes. Let’s start by taking a look at adding a new index. Adding a New MongoDB Index In MongoChef, connect to your MongoDB server. In the left-hand pane, you’ll see the databases and their collections available on the server. Simply right-click on the […]

Connecting to a Hosted MongoDB Database Using 3T MongoChef

3T MongoChef is a modern, multi-platform GUI for MongoDB. You can use it to edit your data in-place, to copy & paste documents and entire collections between databases, and to easily build even the most complex MongoDB queries by just dragging and dropping the fields that should be part of your query into a search […]

Sort Your Collection View in 3T MongoChef

3T MongoChef 1.7.9 ships with a cool new feature: in your table view, you can now tap on any column header to easily sort your current collection view. Tap on a column header once to sort your view based on the data in that column in ascending order. If you click on the header again, the […]

MongoDB Task Monitor

3T MongoChef ships with a cool new feature: a integrated task monitor for MongoDB. You can now easily monitor all operations currently running on your MongoDB server. Right-click on a database and select from the popup menu “Open Task Monitor”. You will see a complete list of all running MongoDB server operations. For each operation, view […]

MongoDB Query and Updating Corner Cases

First coming as a developer from a traditional RDBMS to a NoSQL database like MongoDB can be a truly liberating experience. For example, not being forced into a fixed schema and being able to dynamically add fields along the way as and where you need them is just fantastic. For me personally, another great aspect […]