3T MongoChef

In-place data editor GUI for MongoDB
for Mac, Windows and Linux

3T Data Compare
& Sync

Data comparison and sync for MongoDB
for Mac, Windows and Linux

3T Schema Explorer

Schema analysis and documentation
for MongoDB on Mac, Windows and Linux

From professionals

Our tools address challenges arising from working with MongoDB databases. We are an experienced team of professionals and we’ve got you covered.

MongoDB tools

We build tools for NoSQL databases. As of today we support MongoDB, with support for other NoSQL databases like CouchBase and CouchDB coming soon.


We have our tools ready for your operating system. We work on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Our Tools

3T MongoChef

The 3T MongoChef is our multi-platform in-place data browser and editor for MongoDB. Edit any MongoDB data type directly in your tree-view, table-view, or as  free JSON text. Edit complex structures such as embedded documents or arrays-in-arrays-in-emdedded-documents in both your tree-view or your table-view effortlessly. Visually add documents, fields and values of any MongoDB type with just a stroke of a key – anywhere in your document! Explore our Swiss Army knife of MongoDB data management.

3T Data Compare & Sync

Easily compare databases, collections and documents. Visualise comparison results to help identify how critical data differs across environments, or highlight what new data and changes are required between different deployments of your systems. Use the knowledge generated by 3T Data Compare to gain insight into the differences in your data, speed development and better manage your deployments.

3T Schema Explorer

Explore and document the schema of your MongoDB data. With 3T Schema Explorer it’s easy to find structural outliers and anomalies in a single glance. Quickly verify the “sanity” of your data. Add comments to your schema fields and generate schema documentation.

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